Hello gang, and welcome to my little shop! Mostly, I’m a writer, but I’m also a writer who likes nice clothes. Wouldn’t it be wild, I thought, if I could combine the writing and the nice clothes? And thus, the Sav shop was born. Here we are. Please, hold the applause.

I’ve always had a thing for subtle merch. I wanted people to be able to find this stuff aesthetically pleasing, regardless of if they know me or what I do. With that idea in mind, each item was based on something I’ve written in the past, but is still able to stand on its own (I think so, anyway). And by God, they’re cute. I designed them all myself!

A couple final notes: we ship worldwide, we’ve got a lovely Returns Policy, and if you have any questions about what, exactly, is going on here (I’m looking at you, Mom), you can check out our (rather exhaustive) FAQ. 

Your support is endlessly appreciated. Truly. Faithfully. Other synonyms. I’m so excited for you guys to rock these! Hello, ego boost!